(...) In my view he is the greatest sailor the world has ever seen. But more than that, he retains a calm dignity and modesty that is deeply respected by me.

You may or may not remember that I won three Laser Worlds back in the late 80’s and after a couple of years in the Finn tried to make a comeback in the Laser for the Games in Atlanta. It was too late for me and I was unsuccessful, but it did make me realise how much harder it is to successfully come back as you get older.

For Robert to win this worlds and to dominate the last race in the way he did, just proves to me what a legend he is. To do this for the 9th time at 40 years of age, shows just what an awesome competitor he is. I often wonder as I’m sure he does too how many were possible if he had stayed in Lasers for the whole time, but the boredom of just one class might have turned his fire out for the class or for competition. Not that his Star years weren’t successful either, he was perhaps the most consistent of his era and had many great victories. But the Laser is a class where fitness, agility and stamina produce speed and speed coupled with good tactics win regattas.

Anyway, I won’t take too much of your time, I would just be very appreciative if you could pass on my heartfelt congratulations to Robert, he is like Kelly Slater  in surfing the best there ever has been.

Congratulations Robert

Glenn Bourke | Chief Executive Officer

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* Glenn Bourke ganhou 3 títulos mundiais na classe laser nos anos '80.  Ninguém achava que esse feito pudesse ser alcançado.